Plagues of the Armada

by Plagues of the Armada

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Debu Kujo
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Debu Kujo my bros band here should have much much more attention, they are an underground band with so much potential with them Favorite track: The Ecclesiastical Fallacy.
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first release from the California Bay Area's Plagues of the Armada


released August 12, 2011



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Plagues of the Armada

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Track Name: The Ecclesiastical Fallacy
A 1600 year old European stranglehold Two millenniums of empty prayers of the entire populace of man, fraud of the the ages created to detach man from reality Masses blinded by the delusions of their deceivers Corroborating only a blind cession to authority Those who preach faith, enable & elevate it are the intellectual slaveholders, keeping mankind in a bondage to hallucinations that have spawned & justified so much lunacy & depredation. The last thing these men behind the curtain want is a conscious populace capable of critical thought. Which is why a continually fraudulent zeitgeist is output via religion, and mass media, A mere distraction , holy smoke & mirrors An astrological literary hybrid of pure fucking evil stealing from all which have preceded it then stigmatizing them false faith empowered through fear. A virtue to procreate matter with no deliberation The hour is getting late to indulge in having key decisions made by religious tyrants who would lead the ship not by a compass, but blind intuition Churches extorting mass amounts of wealth The only desire is monetary gain complete control Contradicting every fucking word they've ever vociferated An ecclesiastical fallacy (The age of God is fucking dead) Religion is nothing more than an opiate for the masses, the crutch of mankind The religious myth is the most powerful device ever created, it serves as the psychological soil upon which other myths can flourish. (So propagate the fucking poison) Questions with no true conclusion , (,A ring that never ends)
Track Name: Dissimulative Ocular
The death of the American dream was the birth of the F.R.S. Currency created out of perpetual debt Fiat currency backed by absolutely nothing rapidly eroding its worth The illegal creation of mass inflation through mass construction, Can’t you see that this way of life is entirely un-fucking sustainable A world where we slave everyday for nothing in the end It’s nothing more than a pyramid scheme Reckless spending, big bank bailouts , and shady corporate financial deals are all made possible by our system These fucking men our economic dictators Controlling every aspect of our life Complete power corrupts There is no difference between race or sex only rich and poor We are controlled by the selfish, wicked, and fucking heartless Forever shackled to the eye on our dollar We are the bastard children of an ever failing society It is the fear of losing assets coupled with the struggle to keep up with the perpetual debt, and inflation inherent in the system, compounded by the inescapable scarcity within the money supply itself created by the interest that can never be repaid that keeps the wage slave in line. a fucking hamster on the wheel working for nothing in effect powering an empire that truly benefits only the elite Because at the end of the fucking day who the fuck are we working for Debt is the fucking weapon used to concur and enslave societies interest is its prime ammunition I shall not be economically enslaved, I will not be silenced Open your fucking eyes before you die For they are waging a war an invisible war against us fucking all “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free
Track Name: Vectors : A Kaleidoscopic Descent
Enter the realm of the omniverse of our intersecting realities a euclidean plane of both space and time like vectors lying upon aberrant worlds labyrinths of illimitable inclination procreating only deviation and a contortion of human cognition An Omnipotent being with celestial like ascendancy, the deceiver keeping mankind in a veil of obfuscation continuing to propagate the conception that it is our pro-creator. An Omnipotent being with celestial like ascendancy, It is the false prophet of man, for man does not truly perceive him for what he truly is an isomorphic lusus naturae. An Omnipotent being with celestial like ascendancy, a euclidean plane of both space and time like vectors lying upon aberrant worlds labyrinths of illimitable inclination procreating only deviation and a contortion of human cognition An isomorphic lusus naturae mirroring the image of man to conspire a dissolving of our world. His artifice is a feint ambuscade designed for the merging of our realities. The destruction of the trispacial realm and the birth of the orthogonal spissitdudal realm Then tempting with false hopes of divine bounties then inexorably surmounting man kind..